Unite Theme Update


Please reference, this support ticket: https://colorlib.com/wp/forums/topic/content-wider-than-screen/

Any update when the Unite Theme will be updated?


Hello Candice

Sorry but no update was made so far on this problem :frowning:

Hi Noda-

Thanks for the info. Do you have an estimate when it will be updated.


Sorry, but no :frowning:

That is unfortunate to hear.

Sorry once again
Is there anything else?

Yes, can you provide a list of your themes you keeep updated and plan to keep updated. Thanks.

Good evening

Sorry but i cant do, we have many themes, templates, and plugins and right now i don’t know which project is in the queue right now


thank you for understanding and sorry for inconvenience :frowning:

I will take a look at your other themes.

Thank you, in this case i will close this case