Pressing 'Read more' button scrolls down


this topic is relating to previously posted topic ‘Read more not goes to the right position’ posted by sympso. I replied to this topic, but haven’t got response, so decided to make new post.

Do you have any idea what kind of fix should be done to get this issue fixed?

Br, Jarno

Hey there

can you please show me your problem? please provide a link to the page and steps to replicate your problem, a screenshot is best in this case :slight_smile:

Sure. My site is located here: The issue occurs when pressing “Read more” button in blog index page ( If pressing article title or feature image, everything works as expected and page containing the article opens from the beginning. But when pressing blue “Read more” button, page won’t open from the beginning. It scrolls down a bit hiding the feature image and first text paragraph.

I hope you can repeat this issue with these instructions.

Br, Jarno