Popular Post widget doesn't show second and third tab content

I noticed that right widget tab showing “popular-post”, “recent” and “messages” don’t switch between tabs. The first “popular-post” - POPULARNE tab is always visible and no reaction on next 2 tabs.
My web page is https://baur.pl

Hey there

Are you using any plugin for the tab navigation? there is no such thing in the default theme

No, this is standard widget I believe.

As you can see this is a standard Dazzling widget so no extra widget is used to support popular post review. Any idea how to fix it?

hey there

Please send me your admin details privately and I will check it out

I added you as an administrator and you should get mail on your mailbox [email protected] mentioned in your info. Hopefully, it works.

No, please send them here, I just messaged you, please reply