menu is not showing on mobile devices

Hi everyone!

My menu is not showing on my mobile (iphone) , i can see it on my iPad and computer but it’s not working on my iPhone.

My web is

thank you in advance,

Hi @cocoflamenco,

I checked now and it’s working now.

Did you solve it in meantime no?



Hi Cristian,

I did’nt do nothing. I don’t know why now it’s working. It’s working on home page, but it doesn’t work on a normal page.
I put you 2 screens captures from my phone.

thank you

Hi @cocoflamenco,

I checked and on all the pages the menu is working.

See attached,



Menu not working ( not showing ) on mobile.

Can you take a look on it please?



Try this css code in the appearance > customize additionall css:

.nav-open .navbar-collapse, .nav-open #menu {
display: block !important;