Where can i find the demo content of illdy (.XML)?

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The demo content is available to activate from illdy companion plugin.



How do I activate the demo content.

Hey @Pete

No need xml file, once you activate the theme and necessary plugin Illdy companion plugin you will see demo content, please also check our documentation page about illdy:

Colorlib Support

I have installed all necessary plugins but am still not getting the option to activate the demo content.Unfortunately I did it at first and it worked but now it doesnt.Have removed the theme and reinstalled but yet still its not working

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When you try to install the demo content is there an error message? Can you add an image of it here?

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I have the same issue. The demo content is not importing. Nothing appears to happen when the Import Demo Content button is pressed, nor is there an error message. Please advise, thanks.

FYI, this now works on WP 4.9.4 and the updated Illdy - 2.0.5

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Just to confirm, the demo is working now that you updated the theme and WordPress?

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i have the same problem. When I click on Button IMPORT DEMO CONTENT, nothing happens.

What I need to do?

HI @ditorres

Please open new ticket and i will help you to install demo

I have the same problem can anyone help?

Hi there

problem is already reported, we need to wait for the fix :frowning: