I purchased a theme CozaStore but got an error

I purchased CozaStore theme from Colorlib, but when i uploaded it on my wordpress, i got an error saying Theme is missing Stylesheet css, Please solve this, thanks

I am already uploading the correct zip file, cozastore.zip, but getting error

hey there

Sorry for the delay

Its not a WordPress theme, its HTML template and can not be installed in the WordPress as a theme

Please refund me as i cant use it on my wordpress website. Thank you

You have to use the Contact page of our site, appropriate team member will accept your request for a refund process

I contacted at Contact us page of your site and i am waiting for their reply, If there are any issues, i will let you know, thank you so much

That’s it :slight_smile:

Thank you too, have a great day :slight_smile:

I received the refund, Thank you so much for your understanding and support, You can close this Ticket Now, Thank you again

Thank you so much, have a nice happy new year :slight_smile: