How to connect Contact Form to my email address?

I use the PERSONIFY template

It has a Contact form that submits some basic info. I do not see anywhere in the code of that page where to set the destination address. What do I need to do to direct that mail correctly and get my server to email the form details? Thanks

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You need to implement php function to process data processed through form, by default such php files are not included in the themes, you need to find them

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Hi, I have the same question. Noda, can you be a little more specific and maybe recommend something we can do to attach any email address to the contact form so that visitors to our sites can contact us? Thank you.

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this question requires knowledge of the PHP, unfortunately, unfortunately, I can’t write such guides here because there are thousands of guides and tutorials in the net and its up to you which one to use,

Hi, I am having a similar problem. It seems the files are provided and in the documentation it says to simply change your email address in the php file. What else am I not doing correctly?? All JS is already there as well. Thanks.

Files included

Do I need to simply link the mail.php file in the html file?

@whatevermane template does not include php email form processing form, most probably you are using something else, can you tell me which one?

I am using the Datarc template that does, in fact, include a php.mail file as pictured above. I am guessing I need a server to even text the email sending

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“I am guessing I need a server to even text the email sending” - That’s for sure, without a real server or virtual server you cant send anything

Hi, I’m in the same scenario.
I downloaded Contact V12 form (Contact V12) but I don’t really know how to code and link a php function to receive an email with the information that the users filled on the HTML form.
Can anybody help me to code that? Thank you!

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Sorry, it will have the same answer, you need to code it yourself, hire someone to code it or if you have a friend you may ask it as well.
Unfortunately, we cant provide customization support for this case