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Sadly I’m not a coder or anything like that, but I would like to amend the footer. The only part that is editable in ‘customise’ is the copyright bit. I’d like to remove ‘Theme: Pixova Lite · Made with [heart icon] by Colorlib’ and change ‘Colorlib’ to show my name. I have a feeling this only achieved by amending the CSS details in the ‘Edit Theme’ and selecting the ‘footer.php’ - this is a bit beyond my skill-set. Is it possible to tell me what I should delete and amend in order to change it to how I have explained above?



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You can use the following CSS code to remove it by going to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and pasting it there.

span.pixova-lite-footer-theme-copyright {
    display: none;

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Thanks for the response, but does this CSS code enable me to amend the currently un-editable detail? Ideally I want it to read - Created by Blue Zebra Creative [wording linked to website] using Wordpress. Copyright 2019. All rights reserved’

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In order to make such changes you need to obtain one of our license, here is the rules:

once you obtain license for removing text you can add your text in the footer then

Hi. I’ve purchased the license. What do I do now to amend the footer text?


In that case, you would have to go to Appearance > Editor > Theme Footer then you can edit the footer text on the 4th line and change the text there.

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How? What do I edit or remove. I’m not an expert in CSS and I don’t want to do something that messes up the entire page or website.

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No need to be a CSS expert nor novice to make changes in the theme options panel, once you open appearance > customize and footer setting you will be able to add your own text in the footer, and for removing existing text let me see your website, i will generate custom css for you

Okay, but I’ll have to upload a temporary login plugin because the site isn’t live, it’s still under construction. I’ll need an email address for you to send the temporary login details. I’ll have to sort it all out tomorrow (Fri 22 Mar) as I have a skype presentation tomorrow morning to show the website’s progress. Since these messages can take 24 hours to be answered, I wouldn’t want you logging in when I’m logged in (I’m on Central African Time). There’s actually a number of queries I could ask (while you’re logged in), but I’ll have to save them for another time. Thanks, I’ll be in touch.

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Use your email address, we just need a link :slight_smile:

I keep trying to send you a detailed response, but I keep getting the error message “Error: Your reply cannot be created at this time” - see attached screenshot

Maybe there are character restrictions or a limit on how many words. I’ve attached my message, I hope you get it okay.

Hello, in addition to my previous message, I thought it best to list some other queries.

I still need to arrange the temporary login, which I’ll do, but it is probably best if I wait until I know the answers to the other questions below. Sadly, whether I move forward with the theme depends on the answers to my previous letter and the to the questions below. Points 2 and 3 are key to the client’s requirements.

  • Now I have purchased a license, what other flexibilities does it provide? Is the license now recognised on the website? Or do I need to do something?

  • The client needs to add partner organisations’ logos on the homepage. Is this possible? I was hoping to be able to add a video on the homepage, underneath the main header image in the introduction section.

  • As the client is Namibian and Angola, the site needs to have a translation function, which changes the language from English to Portuguese. Is that possible?

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Answers on your questions

  1. license is only for removing footer credit, there is nothing more you just have the rights to remove footer credit
  2. there is no such element in the theme but i think you can use a text editor to place horizontal images
  3. please check our translation guide in theme documentation, theme can be translated like any other WordPress theme

Here’s the temporary login link to amend the footer - https://www.cuvecom.org/wp-admin/?wtlwp_token=8e2f98ee0b8c22368428f09003c65ca7

Just to clarify, please can it read “Website by Blue Zebra Creative . © Copyright 2019 CUVECOM. All Rights Reserved.” and for my company name to be linked to my website www.bluezebracreative.com

I don’t suppose you remember the plugin that will permit me to insert images on the homepage?

Have you given any thoughts to my other enquiry (the PDF letter)?

Many thanks, Noda, I appreciate your help.


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  1. You can insert images on the homepage with an image widget since the theme uses widgets on the homepage.
  2. You can change the copyright to anything you want as long as you have a license.
  3. Regarding the letter we are not taking on any customization work at this time but you can use a service like the following:

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Hi, I understand you have many queries to answer, so you most likely don’t have time to re-read previous comments. I have previous mentioned my lack of knowledge/experience where coding/CSS, etc is concerned. I was under the impression someone at Colorlib would assist (either by providing specific details or by actually using the temporary login I supplied) and amend the footer. So to save my sanity and probably yours, I shall search Google and find how to do these things. I’m not being flippant and I know it sounds like I am, but technical people forget that what seems obvious and easy isn’t always seen that way by the person asking the question. Your answers are greatly appreciated, but they inevitable lead to a “how?” response.

I have been to the ‘customise’ section and I cannot remove the details I don’t want in the footer. It is not obvious how to add the relevant widget where needed within sections on the homepage. There are a few other elements in the customise section that don’t work. Forgive me, but I have a committee of clients asking me questions and with some Wordpress themes, things are obvious, but with others they aren’t or they require elements of coding experience - which I don’t have. Plus the link to the website you gave previously takes me to a blank screen.

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  1. customizer link is not working, so i can’t make changes to your footer, if you enable it again i will make changes for you :wink:
  2. regarding images - you don’t need a plugin to insert images on the homepage, you can do this by live customer and you will be able to customize your homepage, for inner pages we dont have page builder like on homepage, you have to use raw WordPress editor or any other third party page builder plugins by your choice

regarding your pdf - sorry for the delay, actually, i wanted to answer on it yesterday our company, colorlib does not take customization work, all we have is our WordPress themes, HTML templates and we provide support for theme, unfortunately, we can’t support customization work, for basic WordPress question we will redirect you to the relevant resources on our site or original source in WordPress, however, I’m interested and you will see my mail in your inbox :wink:

Hi Noda, sorry I didn’t reply via this forum sooner, yesterday was hectic. Thanks so much for the offer of making the changes in the footer, I really appreciate that. I played around for a while and worked up the courage to delete CSS code, which worked. Although I think my theme file might have a problem. Turning off the copyright info button doesn’t stay switched off, so deleting the code is only fix. However, this part of the customise window is problematic - see screenshot - the options don’t show up properly on the page and I can’t click them.

I’ll look into the ‘live customer’ suggestion and you’ll eventually see my email regarding the PDF I sent. Thanks again.

I’ve just realised ‘live customer’ means live chat - is there a particular live chat plugin you use? Is there a good time to do this, I think we might be on different timezones. Although I will find out if the client actually wants a video there first :wink: