Crossfit2 home banner and menu in mobile resolution

The home banner and the menu list are not responsive in mobile resolution. I do see so some css class related to mobile resolution, but not reflecting. How do I fix it?

Hey there

let me see it, please provide a link to your website

Thanks for the response. Here is the link for the site

I am looking forward for your help. Also like to mention its the same with inner page banners.

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This css code can fix your problem:

div#mobile-menu-wrap {
    display: block;
    position: relative;

You can add it at the bottom of your css file

Thanks it worked. But all the menus are not displaying. I have placed the logo in the center of the page and either side have given the menus. Only the first part of the menus are displayed in mobile resolution and the other part of the menus are not displaying. Shall I share the header part code??
And also the banners are responsive in both header and inner pages.

Hey there

Yes, I see, looks like this is how the theme is coded, you may see the exact same effect on the main demo, in order to make changes you have to customize the existing style of the header,

Hi, how about the banner image(home and inner page) responsive in mobile. Currently its not responsive.

@haby we have exact same working behavior on our main demo of this template, most probably this will require some customization to change those images for mobile screens