Bilingual welcome page

How to dissociate, with polylang installed, the home page in French and in English because with the current Pixova Lite version, it is a home page in a single language while the interior pages are split according to the language (in my French or English case).
In fact, I have two home pages ‘home’ with an English menu and ‘accueil’ with a French menu but it is clear that the display of my home page invariably corresponds to the main text that I put from the Dashboard in Appearance / Customize / Front Page Sections / CTA Section / CTA Text. I can do nothing other than suffer the forcing of the home page while my other menu pages are displayed in French or in English depending on the choice of language by clicking on the desired flag.
It’s been more than a month now that I have been struggling to try to find the solution with this Pixova Lite theme but either it’s a bug which I doubt, or it’s voluntary to call the WordPress support service or other . Can you help me find the trick that would allow you to bypass the main CTA by accessing the home page defined in the French or English language in my case ???