Anchors problem on Illdy theme

I have a problem, anchors used to work, but this morning, it has stopped.
I tryed to find the problem, but I did not find it.
Would you please try to help me ?

My website on Wordpress :


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Just another thing, the issue came after the last Wordpress update.

Hey there

Sorry about that
Please install this plugin and check again:

Hello, thanks for your answer,
I have installed the plugin and here is the “Journalized depreciation”


Hey there

I see you changed the default Id’s of the section?
this will not work for sure since it requires customization of the template files, I suggest to change them back


Sorry but I did not change any Id’s of section.
As you can see on the screenshot, they still are :


You know, everything was running very well before the update of Wordpress 5.6
It is the update witch broke anchors !

I have a similar problem, in smartphone resolution, not only the anchors no longer work but the menu is frozen:

however the moothly scrolling no longer works even on a standard PC device

Hey there

Sorry guys, I just reported this problem, It caused by the latest WordPress update, as a temporary solution you may downgrade it before we release new update of the theme:

Thanks a lot for this temporary solution witch works good !!!
Would you please tell us on this topic when we will be able to download the latest version of Wordpress accompanied with a new update of the theme ?
Thanks in advance

Hi there, is the problem solved ? Not for me…
Is there a new Illdy update coming ?

Please take my apologies, this problem is already reported, we need to wait for the fix,

Thank you for your patience

Ok thank you I will wait…

Thank you for understanding @thebigjellyfish :slight_smile:

Stay tuned for the next update