Title is appearing 3 times in blogpost

Wauw, I should think that the issue should be resolved, not the workaround that is used…

Absolutely agree with wheijdem. The main issue is “when will there be a fix”? Because as of right now, we are using an outdated version of your theme, which is not really reassuring.

All we have received on this issue is a promise to correct. Is this going to be resolved or ignored?

Hi there

Please take my apologies on the happening, problem is reported and fix should arrive soo, at this moment we have this workaround, unfortunately, can’t offer anything else guys, sorry once again :frowning:

У меня такая же проблема, кстати на вашем образце демо тоже такая же ерунда.

So far, thanks for nothing! Who did you report it to? Let us have the contact information and we’ll all report it! Can’t believe this has gone on for so long. The rollback workaround lasts for about two hours, then the version updates back to version 3.08.

No, I have canceled automatic updates

What are the steps to cancel automatic updates? I couldn’t figure it out. Thanks!

I made changes to function.pnp code

Thanks, but that task is probably above my skill level.

I hate it, but I suppose I am going to have to change to a new theme.

There are plugins for canceling automatic wordpress updates, plugins and themes

Thanks for the suggestion. I found a plugin and uploaded it. I’ll check my site later and see if it is still working.

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Sorry about this once again, I just notified our developers about this and we will take care of it very soon


Not yet, sorry, you will get update notification in the Wordpress dashboard

Guys, I’m going to close this ticket, it’s getting bigger :slight_smile: