Shapely Video Section on frontpage - mobile issues


Thanks for a great theme. I have some questions / concerns regarding the Video Section for the front page.
I have enabled autoplay and on desktop it looks quite good. But is it possible to hide the video controls in the bottom left and also to hide the YouTube text (title etc).

I also wondering about the mobile device, the video does not autoplay and its not responsive, the height is too long…

Check my test stie http:// test .pebblespilates .com/


Hello admins? Any help?

Hey there

Sorry about that looks like my reply did not go through well,
Regarding your question, sorry but this is not possible, this video player is not possible to control by only CSS code because its controlled by JS

OK. Do you have any recommendations for video on the front page? Maybe be a compatible plugin or something?

Hey there

You may try Elementor page builder, it also has great options for video BG and video elements,
you may also try Slider plugins