Mobile Responsive - Background Full Parallax

Hello, can you please provide the CSS code to make the background full parallax section mobile responsive? I’ve searched the forum and I am unable to find the code to do this. Thank you in advance!

Hey Kimmy

You already have the same question in other tickets, please don’t duplicate them, you are creating delays for everyone :slight_smile:

Good morning! Hey, I think you are confused… I only have one ticket open for this… you may have seen a past ticket about mobile responsiveness for the video section…?

I still am looking for the CSS code to make the background full parallax section mobile responsive.

Thank you in advance… please respond with the answer, so I don’t have to now duplicate my request to you… it is creating delays…

Can you please respond with the proper code. Since you changed forums, many old answers now appear as error 404’s. Otherwise, I would have been able to find it myself perhaps…

But yes, now instead of requesting support once and getting an answer… I’ve had to ask you now twice… and you will respond twice… maybe you can just send CSS code so we can wrap this up… and not delay everyone. Thank you!


not the same quesiton?


Completely different question…

Okay, let’s try again…

- Can you please provide CSS code to make “parallax background full” section mobile responsive?

(same question I have asked in beginning… now we’ve been playing tag for how many days now?) I got that other question responded to… but yes, these are two separate issues…

I don’t think Shapely can be/has even been mobile responsive but I’m keen to know if that’s changed.