Login to forum no longer working

I see the forum has changed.

I can logon on my phone but when I use the same credentials on desktop I can’t login .

I can’t use this on my phone! It’s tooo small!

Can you help.I’ve not changed changed by or my details.

If you logged in from the Mobile phone then there must be a no problem to login from the other devices as well, do you have any error messages? can you share them?

I agree and yet I can’t?

I used to be able to fine. But since the site change I can’t.

I’ve used the same credentials but no luck.

I agree… this new forum is not cool…

This support board has many advantages compared to the old one, it has better performance, features and it’s in continuous development rather than BBpress
I understand its completely different and needs adaptation but after some time it will be native like BBpress

Yeah I think it’s fine.

I still can’t login on desktop though.

I’m using the same credentials.

Can you help?