Issue with the license - Free Template | I would need orientation

Hello there!

I downloaded a Free Theme: StudyLab - Free Responsive Bootstrap 4 HTML5 Education Website Template, through the site:

Reading the internal documentation I realize that I should buy a license to be able to use it, in case I delete the credits. But if I let the credits available in the code, should I still buy the license?

In case I buy the license, can I use the files I have already touched or should I use the one I have to download after buy the license.

How I can get a guarantee in both cases (buying and not buying) that I am not going to have problems with my hosting as you mentioned in the documentation?


Hi there

If you want to leave footer credit in the theme then it’s not necessary to obtain a license.
Yes, you may still use the same files, its all about rights to remove the footer credits