Fashe Remove button in cart not working

Clicking remove for an item takes you to the checkout page and doesn’t actually remove the item. Is there a way to fix this?


Additionally, clicking X on an image also doesn’t remove the item

Hey thre

I just checked both of your questions and all functionality works normally for me, this is what im doing, adding items in cart and then removing them by x and all this is working for me normally,

I’m having the same problem. Clicking “remove” (not the “X” in the pop-up ajax cart, but remove on the cart page) simply redirects you to checkout without removing the product.

A hack-y solution that should work until this is actually resolved is to :
(1) put the following within the button with with the “remove” class in the cart.liquid page (around line 75… utilizes the remove function in common.js)

onclick=“cart.remove(’{{ item.variant_id }}’);”

This removes the item from the cart.

(2) At the bottom of cart.liquid page place the following script. This removes the actual row that has the item from the cart page (not the ajax cart popup, the cart page):

$( document).ready(function() {
$( “.remove” ).click(function(e) {
return false;

Hi there,

I got the same issue, but i have no idea how to fix it, this is the code on the liquid page:

<button class=“remove s-text7 flex-c-m m-l-30 m-t-10 p-l-10 p-r-10 p-t-5 p-b-5 bo1 bo-rad-23 hov1 trans-0-4” data-key="{{ item.variant_id }}">
{% include ‘LS_46250623034_locales’, LS_locales_item: ‘cart.general.remove’, %}{% if LS_46250623034_locales_value == blank %}{{ ‘cart.general.remove’ | t }}{% else %}{{ LS_46250623034_locales_value }}{% endif %}

I am using langshop app for translation for my website.


Oh and btw my website is revium.myshopify.com

streettb, I had the same issue and used your fix and it worked! Thank you!

thank you guys for participating

For now, I will close this case since its outdated