Content Wider than the Screen


Is there any update to my previous question about the content being wider than the screen.

Please see my previous support question and the thread here:

hey there

Im so sorry to say but not yet :frowning:


Okay, thanks for the update.

Any idea when this update to the theme may occur?


Please take my apologies but I can’t provide any ETA about this problem, the developer will check and fix it but since we are working on several projects I can’t say when this problem in them gets fixed

Hi guys, I am wandering if I can get premium theme for my site ? I am not expert in web design so I am looking to install a good looking theme to attract customer as my site looks something missing and incomplete. Thanks in advance

Hello Chris

Well, we don’t have premium themes all our themes are free to use, you can check premium themes in the menu “Premium themes”. designing good looking website requires some level of experience :slight_smile:
if you don’t want complex website you may use free themes but if you aiming for a premium look then you may need a freelancer who can design such a website for you


Thank you so much. I got my assignment before my deadline and thanks for making it easy for me to get good grades.

Ok, I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions