All templates license $99 yearly subscription

Hello, [Order #283277] (July 31, 2020), I bought all templates license for $99, it didn’t require me to have an account. Today I wanted to download another template but it requires the payment of the Pricing Pillow Mart for the download to be available. How can I proceed to the download of all templates? How can the account be recognized with the purchase I’ve made then so the downloads now to be available?

Please reset your password here: Purchase History - Colorlib
After that, you can log in and download templates like usual.

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Hi, please can you sort out [Order #279967] (June 18, 2020) please.
I also do not have an account, as it was not required at the time of purchase.
Please can you post instructions on how to go about getting access to the templates again.
Per your suggestion to ninacressoni, I’m not quite sure how I can reset a password if I never had such an account. Is there something that needs to be done on your end?

Thanks in advance for sorting this out.

Follow the instructions above and use the same email account you use here on the support forum.

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Hi, I bought an all templates license in 2019.
I followed your instructions and made a colorlib account with the same email account I made the purchase with, but now it says on that page I have not made any purchases.
What do I need to do to be able to download templates again?
Thanks in advance

hansdekker, Unfortunately, your license has expired.

You will need to purchase a new license in order to continue to download our templates.


I find that to be very strange, since it was strongly implied that this was a license you only had to buy once…
Can you provide any evidence to support your claim that this license was only valid for one year?

In other threads I’ve mainly encountered evidence that seems to indicate the contrary…

More information about the license is available here: Licence - Colorlib
Until last year we didn’t have a Lifetime license that we introduce based on the user requests.

I’ve seen your current changed licenses, but you can’t just make up new terms and conditions and apply those to previously bought products…
Do you have any evidence on the old licenses that supports your claim? Nowhere at the old page I could find any information on that only being valid for one year…

We haven’t changed the terms. They remain the same since we launched our website template back in late 2017. The only change is that we introduced a Lifetime license instead of just the “All Templates” license which was always limited to 1 year.

Can you show me the old terms then? It did not specify anywhere on the old pricing / product information page that it would be limited to 1 year…

again, do you have any proof or are you just scamming us?

Hey there

@hansdekker no scamming here, its true, 1 year of subscription rule was always considered in old terms, I’m sorry if there was a lack of information but its a fact

Please take our apologies for this matter

Do you have the old terms for me?

In 2019 it was “Access to all upcoming templates”
As you can see below and I do not see any terms that did apply:

Hi @tsievers

You are under the same rule, it was always included in the previous purchase, please see my previous reply

Hi @colorlibsupport

I don’t see where I can find that statement. You cannot apply any terms that I didn’t know in September 2019.

This is what was stated at September 2019, it clearly states “Access to all upcoming templates”, I don’t see any exceptions:

  • Access to all template
  • Access to all upcoming templates
  • Credit removal permission (Attribution-free)
  • 1 Year of support via our forum
  • Unlimited domains


I’m pretty sure if I take it to court, I’m going to win this because I cannot find any conditions that did apply, only from your comments in this forum or the new License page.

If access to all templates is not possible, I want a refund.

Hi @tsievers

I believe this ticket contains all the necessary information you need, for now, there is nothing I can add to that info


I don’t get the terms that did apply. You can say it in a forum afterwards, but that’s not legally binding.

I want the full terms that did apply at the time of purchase.

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